Why do we need art/science collaborations to solve complex issues? How do hybrid collaborations lead to breakthroughs in thinking, research methods and how can they lead to innovations in science, the arts, technology and societal issues?

Artists and scientists from different disciplines are increasingly working together in the lab and studio. How do you organise these collaborations in such a way that they lead to something relevant and useful for the artists and scientists involved? Which elements are crucial to make it happen?

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Where art is the domain of expressiveness, personal imagination and creation of meaning, science is the domain of structured processes for problem definition, data collection, data analysis and for assigning meaning. Combining the artistic perspective with scientific research therefore automatically means that becoming familiar and at ease with their different backgrounds, methods and expectations is crucial.

The Society of Arts and the Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences are organising a series of webinars on collaboration at the intersection of art and science. In different episodes different topics will be explored.

By diving into the experiences of artists and scientists, we want to learn how they deal with, for instance, unknown and unstable factors in their work. What are typical clashes and what conditions are important for the success of the collaboration? What is a successful art/science collaboration?

The conference is intended for every artist and scientist who is involved in an art/science project and who wishes to contribute to the discussion on how to take art/science collaborations to the next level.


  • Clemens Driessen, assistant professor cultural geography Wageningen University and Research
  • Ana María Gómez López, artist
  • David Habets, researcher applied physics and (landscape) architecture at Applied University Eindhoven and Academy of Architecture Amsterdam
  • Micha Hamel, composer, poet and researcher
  • Špela Petrič, new media artist and former scientific researcher
  • Frans Snik, assistant professor astronomy Leiden University
  • Han Wösten, professor in microbiology, Utrecht University

Language: English


You are most welcome to attend this webinar, participation is free, but registration is required.

About Art & Science

Together with members of the Young Academy, the Society of Arts is committed to strengthening the links between art and science. In the Art Science Route, they explore the conditions in terms of methods, language and funding of art science collaborations.