The Artist-in-Residence Fellowship in Rome is meant for artists (painters, sculptors, architects, photographers, writers, poets, filmmakers, choreographers, couturiers, actors and so on) who would like to spend three months at the KNIR in Rome working on a project that contributes to cross-fertilisation between the arts and science. The programme was established jointly by the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR) and the Society of Arts.

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The Artist-in-Residence is expected to participate actively in the life of the KNIR’s academic community and to promote cross-fertilisation between the arts and science within that community.

The Artist-in-Residence receives a monthly stipend for a three-month period (maximum) and temporary housing in one of the KNIR’s guest flats.

Who is eligible?

•    Members of the Society of Arts
•    Dutch artists living in the Netherlands or abroad who have been nominated
•    Non-Dutch artists living and working in the Netherlands who have been nominated

Who may submit a nomination?

•    This nomination round is open to everyone, but self-nominations will not be accepted
•    Members of the Society of Arts may apply on their own behalf 

When and how should you submit nominations?

Nominations for the period 15 September till 15 December 2020 are now open. Nominations must be submitted using the nomination form (Dutch). The deadline for submitting this form is 15 May 2020

See the guidelines for the Artist-in-Residence Programme in Rome for more information about the assessment criteria and selection procedure. 




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