13.06.2017 17:00 - 19:00 uur
Artis Zoo, Amsterdam
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On tour in Artis Zoo Amsterdam

Glubbdubdrib Expedition no. 5

The homes that we dwell in, sheltered by a roof, enclosed by four walls, are not just buildings of bricks and mortar. The home is also a metaphor for the domestication of knowledge, love and life. Thus, in the past, the home has been depicted as an edifice of learning, whose various floors need to be ascended to reach the pinnacle of truth. In rhetoric, rooms have been viewed as places to store knowledge, to be accessed using the map of memory. And, finally, the home is seen as an abode of love or, conversely, as a prison of the body and mind.

How is the natural world domesticated? In what kind of homes do animals dwell? What inspires animal architecture? And is our own body a home that we inhabit? In Homes Without Hands: Being a Description of Animals, Classed According to Their Principle of Construction (1866), Wood undertook to catalogue the creatures of the world who burrow in the ground, suspend in the air, build ‘real’ homes of mud and sticks or beneath the surface of the water.

His hierarchy of dwellings is the starting point for Glubbdubdrib’s fifth expedition, where we will go on tour of Artis Zoo with animal architect Thijs de Zeeuw, be introduced to the world of Orangutan dating on tinder with cognitive- and neuropsychologist Mariska Kret, the founder of the Bonobo Lab in the Apenheul, and talk about love narratives and the bodies we dwell in with philosopher Margriet van Heesch of the University of Amsterdam.


Tickets: 10 euro’s
For more information & ticket reservation send an email to:
(Limited seats available)


This Teeming World series


This expedition is part of ‘This Teeming World’, a series of cultural expeditions departing from the natural history book collection of the Artis Library. Together with artists, scientists and the public we will examine how we perceive, describe, interpret, depict, represent and shape the natural world around us and of which we are a part. To this end, Glubbdubdrib foundation organizes activities for artists and scientists who focus on changing perceptions and interpretations of nature in past and present.

Glubbdubdrib is an initiative of Claire Weeda (assistant professor medieval history at Leiden University) and Yeb Wiersma (visual artist).

‘This Teeming World' is supported by Special Collections UvA, Artis Zoo, Akademie van Kunsten/KNAW, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and BankGiroLoterij Fonds.

Image: New elephant habitat in the making, Artis Zoo.
Design: Thijs de Zeeuw, 2017.

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